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The Crown of Halacha

Shabbos Shuva 5778 – The Master Craftsman

This entry is part 1 of 11 in the series Bereishis 5778

Shabbos Shuva 5778 – The Master Craftsman

Indeed, as the clay in the hand of the potter, who, when he wishes expands it and when he wishes contracts it; so are we in Your hand, O You who remembers deeds of the loving kindness; Look to the covenant and do not regard our evil inclination.
Indeed, as the stone in the hand of the mason, who, when he wishes retains it and when he wishes smashes it; so are we in Your hand, O You who gives life and brings death; Look to the covenant and do not regard our evil inclination.

This poem is recited on Yom Kippur, our soul is compared to clay and stone in the hands of a master craftsman. Realizing this we willingly accept upon ourselves Hashem’s judgment for we know that His judgment is lovingly meant to repair any defect that we may have. Hashem in His mercy helps us make a tikun neshuma.

The Broken Vessel

Reuven Reuvini lived until 101. When he died he left a house filled with junk. “Our father was from the old generation. They never threw anything away.” said the older son. “Yeah,” said the younger son, “look at all this junk.”   They set to work clearing out the house. It took days to go through it. ‘I don’t believe this– an old kitchen sink!” one of them laughed. They couldn’t get over what a ridiculous habit their father had.

They finally got around to the kitchen. “Something’s strange here,” said one of the sons. “I don’t see any broken dishes. It seems weird Dad saved everything but those.”

One morning at shul the sons approached the Rabbi and told him what they had found in their father’s house.

“Your father had a great reverence for everything the Almighty gave him and it’s something we should learn from.  He saved anything that still had value. Obviously broken dishes cannot be repaired. But whatever can be fixed is worth saving!”

Never Give Up Hope!

As we prepare ourselves for Yom HaDin, the first step is to realize that we are broken. We are broken individually and we are broken as a nation. We come before the Almighty as a shattered vessel. We place our souls in the hands of the Master Craftsman.

And as long as we can say “I can be repaired!” we have hope that Hashem will not throw us away. Hashem values us and gives us purpose in this world. May it be His will that we are written in the book of life!

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