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The Crown of Halacha

Semichas Zevulun

Hebrew of Zevulun Title

Semichas Zevulun

Zevulun shall live at the seaport, and he will be a harbor for ships: and his border shall reach Tzidon.  Berashis 49:13

Zevulun and Yissachar made an agreement: Yissachar would learn Torah day and night and Zevulun would support him. In return, just as Zevulun shared his financial bounty with Yissacher, Yissacher shared the reward of learning Torah with Zevulun.

In fact, Yaakov blessed Zevulun before Yissacher even though Yissacher was older because it was Zevulun who made it possible to learn Torah day and night. From the blessing of Zevulun, we learn, “One who encourages others to do mitzvos is greater than one who does mitzvos himself”.

Therefore, the Semicha of Yissachar is also a Semicha for Zevulun.

The Promise

The merit of those who support Torah and give money to support Torah Scholars is very great indeed. This money makes it possible for them to devote themselves to Torah, to give birth to new legal rulings and to open up new horizons in Torah. Those who gave the money, therefore, have a share in the Torah which was born and revealed through their help. Whatever they gave to the Torah scholars and whatever they went short of, as a result, will be made up to them later on, by means of new Torah concepts, which came into being through their help. Revelations of Torah bring an influx of love into the world which completes all that was lacking. Those who support Torah scholars will be rewarded with the delights of the World to Come. (LikuteyMoharan II 2:2) (Advice Rabbi Nachman, page 238)

In the Merit of Supporting Torah

For every Zevulun, there is a Yissacher. Unfortunately, not every Yissacher is properly supported in his learning and as a result, there are great amounts of “Revelations of Torah that could bring an influx of love into the world” being withheld.

We are appealing to you to be that Zevulun and step forward to join forces with the Yissacher Talmidim of our online Yeshiva to increase Torah learning in the world.

Specifically, we are asking you to support a future alumnus with a one-year scholarship (approximately) in order to help him acquire Semicha.

Your Deed to a Portion in the Next World

Full size Zevulun CertificateWhenYissacher receives Semicha in this world, a comparable Semicha is given to Zevulun in the next world. It is based on the same Torah Knowledge that Yissacher learned while he was supported by Zevulun. Many Zevulun’s are not aware of the great blessing that awaits those who support Yissacher while he learns for Semicha.

Semichas Zevulun is given as an honor to those who support Yissacher’s Semicha learning. This Semicha is the Hallmark of a legacy for one’s children to take pride in and to follow. The blessings garnered will stand the test of time.

Furthermore, Semichas Zevulun is not limited to Zevulun himself. If Yissacher is supported in the memory of another person, that person earns a Semicha in the next world.

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