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The Crown of Halacha

Lech Lecha 5777 – The First Step

This entry is part 3 of 12 in the series Bereishis 5777

The First Step

And the Lord said to Abram, “Go forth (לֶךְ לְךָ  )from your land and from your birthplace and from your father’s house, to the land that I will show you. (Bereishis 12:1)


Does Hashem Need and Introduction?

The OhrHaChaim points out that Hashem’s introduced himself to Avraham Aveinu differently than to any other prophet including Moshe Rabbainu.


Before speaking to the other prophets Hashem manifested His Shechina to them in some way. Only after He made Himself known to the prophet would He then speak to him, otherwise the shock would be too great.


For example, before Hashem first showed the burning bush to Moshe Rabbainu before speaking to him.After Moshe realized he was witnessing a miracle Hashem spoke to him.


However, in the case of Avraham Aveinu, Hashem spoke to him before He “showed” Himself. Why was Avraham treated differently?TheOhrHaChaim gives two answers:


The World Itself Introduces Us to Hashem

Avraham lived in a generation that was totally devoid of belief in God, nevertheless, Avraham recognized Hashem at the age of five years old.


He saw the trees, the oceans, the stars, etc. all as a manifestation of the Almighty’s presence.


To Avraham, it was obvious that Hashem created the world and he needed no other revelation.


Believing is Seeing

For ten generations after the flood, Hashem’s Shechina remained hidden.


In order to perceive the Divine Shechinah, Avraham had to prove that he was worthy. By fulfilling Hashem’s commandment to leave his birthplace, Avraham firmly integrated emunah into his heart and merited to see the Shechina.


From this point on every prophet’s emunah was connected to this elevated emunah of Avraham’s and due to this, the subsequent prophets merited to see a revelation of Hashem before He spoke to them.


Emunah is Part of our DNA

We Jews are called “believers, the children of believers”.


We all are connected to the same emunah that Avraham Avinu had. This is part of our Jewish identity; it is our secret weapon against the Yetzer Hara. With it, we have survived throughout the generations against those who seek to destroy us.


We are a nation that lives on miracles.


Step Up to the Challenge

Each of us has a special task in this world to fulfill.


There is nothing too great that cannot be accomplished through our steadfast emunah in Hashem’s guiding hand, even if we have to stand against the entire world as Avraham Aveinu did. It all begins with that first step.

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