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The Crown of Halacha

Exodus: Parshah Terumah | Rabbi Eytan Yehudah Dzikowski

Did you know…?
Ch.25, vs. 5
How many horns did the tachash have?

וְעֹרֹ֨ת אֵילִ֧ם מְאָדָּמִ֛ים וְעֹרֹ֥ת תְּחָשִׁ֖ים וַעֲצֵ֥י שִׁטִּֽים׃

Tanned ram skins, dolphin skins, and acacia wood;

According to R’ Yehudah, the Tachash was a magnificent multi-colored (6 colors total) kosher animal, which lived in the desert and whose hide was used to make the covers of the Mishkan.

It had a single horn in the middle of its forehead. The Tachash only existed at that time and has been extinct ever since.

According to R’ Nechemiah, the Tachash was created specifically for the construction of the  Mishkan’s and ceased to exist immediately afterwards.

(Shabbat 28a)

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